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ANTI_COVID_19 China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association and China – ASEAN Organizations

China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association (CHPSA) received the ANTI COVID-19 initiative made by China – ASEAN Business Council in February 18, 2020. ASEAN and China representatives have been invited to co sponsor this initiative. CHPSA immediately replied China ASEAN Council agreeing to cooperate with China – ASEAN Business Council, Singapore Federation of Industry and Commerce, Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Singapore Building Materials Association, Myanmar Federation of Industry and Commerce, Malaysia China Friendship Association, Malaysia China General Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia Footwear Manufacturers Association, Vietnam Logistics Association, Cambodian Garment Manufacturers Association, Cambodian Freight Forwarders Association, Cambodian Association of Overseas Chinese in Hong Kong and Macao, Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce, China Committee of Indonesian Federation of industry and commerce, Indonesian Footwear Association and all of 73 organizations from China and ASEAN countries jointly signed the initiative.

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Initiative in China and ASEAN Business Community (Original)

China and ASEAN countries are friendly neighbors and important economic and trade partners of each other. At present, COVID-19 epidemic has spread to some ASEAN countries, which poses a major challenge to the public health security and social and economic development in this region. For this reason, the two sides attach great importance and concerned about each other, which strengthening cooperation in prevention and control through various initiatives. The Chinese business community would like to thank the business community of ASEAN countries for their supports and helps in China’s prevention and control work.

The prevention and control of the epidemic is of great significance and  great urgency. It is related to the health and safety of the local people, economic and trade exchanges between the two sides and economic growth of various countries. So to this end, we jointly propose:


1. Countries of both sides should strengthen communication and coordination on the policy level and medical professional level in prevention and control work, and work together with confidence and rationality to prevent and control epidemic scientifically and win the battle of prevention and control.


2. Governments of both countries should strengthen cooperation in economic response, guide and support the business activities of enterprises during the period of epidemic prevention and control, keep the logistics unblocked during epidemic prevention, and strive to reduce the losses of economic activities caused by the epidemic.


3. While making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic, the two countries try their best to make the economic activities such as trade and investment, which maintain economic growth, not be greatly restricted. Strengthening epidemic monitoring and economic exchanges are not antagonistic. We can deal with the relationship between the two through emergency and careful measures.

4. According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, enterprises of both countries should take the initiative to formulate management strategies in a timely manner, maintain business partnership from a long-term perspective, and innovate the way to develop economic and trade cooperation in epidemic prevention.


5. The chambers of Commerce and industry of the two countries strengthen cooperation in industrial chain construction, business opportunities promotion, problem research, information exchange, etc., assist the government in epidemic prevention, assist enterprises in epidemic prevention management, popularize epidemic prevention knowledge, fulfill social responsibilities, and demonstrate their actions in response to the crisis.

We firmly believe that with the active cooperation and joint efforts of all parties, we can overcome difficulties and create new development of regional economy.



February 20, 2020


The issuance of the proposal has once again strengthened the confidence of all parties of China and ASEAN in fighting the epidemic together, safeguarding the health of people of all countries and promoting regional health and safety. We believe that all sectors of China and ASEAN countries can withstand the test of the epidemic.

CHPSA said in the reply letter: thank all sectors of ASEAN countries for their support and help in China’s epidemic prevention and control work, and firmly believe that with the joint efforts of China and ASEAN countries, business associations, relevant organizations and all sectors of society, we will overcome the difficulties and win the epidemic! To  create a new chapter in economic development cooperation between China and ASEAN jointly.


By February 20th, COVID-19 Prevention and Control Initiative in China and ASEAN Business Community Initiative has been released on the major platforms such as People’s Network, Xinhua Silk Road Network, China Report and China ASEAN Business Council etc.

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